Static Blog on Ghost using GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages

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This website is running as a static Ghost blog using GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages. I wrote a series of posts describing how to replicate this setup for free with a custom domain.

Pi Cloud Backup

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A self hosted Raspberry Pi configuration of rclone connected to make nightly backups of all of my cloud based services (Google Drive, OneDrive, Gmail). The perfect project for someone paranoid that they will be locked out of their online cloud services and lose all of their data.

Portuguese from Portugal

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A website to help anyone learn the Portuguese language with a focus on the grammar, vocabulary and usages from Portugal specifically. The website is built using React, Node in a micro service architecture using HA Proxy load balancer on top.


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A React Native package to parse RSS feeds. It supports;

  • RSS 2.0 specification
  • Atom 1.0 specification

I originally built it for a React Native project I was working on, but I didn't continue with the project. This package is still available, and updated every so often.